Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PJ's & Books

Jack is growing so fast that he is now wearing 12 mo. + sizes in clothing. It's funny how once you hit this size the clothes start changing! You don't see as many onesie-type shirts and the big news over here: BIG boy pajamas. Yes, that's right, no more little zip-up onesies, this little man is wearing two-piece pajama sets. We bought a few pairs the other day and just couldn't resist taking a picture.

I definitely feel, even in the last few weeks, that Jack has grown so quickly. Believe me, there have been some verrry long days. However, I keep catching myself staring at his face thinking that he looks even more like a little boy, not a little baby.

Another fun activity that Jack does just about every day is take down all the books from the bookshelf. At least the ones he can reach. What's a mom to do? Should I keep putting them back on the book shelf for him to just take down the next day? Or should I just leave the books on the floor and fight my inner type-A personality? Oh well, at least he's taking an interest in books! :)