Monday, September 26, 2011

Funny Story

Let me just start by saying that today was really not "funny" per say but rather difficult. However, one way of coping with a hard day is laughing about it, so that's what I intend to do with this post.

We've been looking into buying a house recently and because Michael wasn't able to take time off work he asked if I could go in and sign some paperwork. I was reluctant of course because I knew I would have to tote Jack along with me, which is never easy. However, because we were under somewhat of a time constraint, I agreed and met with our realtor and mortgage broker. We met in this tiny, enclosed conference room. Well, approximately 2 minutes after closing the door and sitting down, Jack does a big humpty dumpty doo in his pants. Being the astute mother that I am, I recognize the lingering smell the minute after he did it. Now the question was do I ignore the smell and pray that they they don't notice? Or do I excuse myself and go change him out in the car? Or do I apologize for the smell and proceed with the meeting?

Seriously, what would you do?

I decided to take the first option, ignorance. So I smiled and kept on with the meeting. I kept imagining that the two men were gagging inside while smelling that wonderful scent and either thought I or each other had a flatulence problem or they recognized a dirty diaper and God willing understood because they had children of their own. No one said anything. I don't know if that's a good or bad sign.

Next, in this "funny" story, Jack was going through the diaper bag in his boredom. He found a bag of crackers. In the 2 seconds I was looking away he took those crackers out of the bag and proceeded to smash them with his fists into little crumbs all over the perfectly vacuumed floor. Awesome.

I finally decided to excuse myself and took the little bugger outside to the car to change him. When reentering the office building, I grabbed a handful of the candy on the receptionist's desk to hopefully help keep Jack happy for the rest of the meeting. I went back into the conference room and while in the motion of sitting down, Jack pulled my hair (on accident) and I slipped a little. Well, the chair was on wheels and I went tumbling down on my rear end with Jack sprawled on top of me. He happened to have a Laffy Taffy in his hands, which ended up in my hair. Warning: wet, stick Laffy Taffy's are very hard to get out of hair! Oh my. I almost cried out of embarrassment.

I am now at home and don't plan on going anywhere for a week. The end.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It's been awhile since I've blogged. But, I promise, I have a good excuse.

We have a new baby on the way! Due date is April 5th. Some people may think we are crazy for having kids so close together but we consider it a blessing (most days) and are super excited to meet our little one and for Jack to be a big brother.

I've been in the middle of first trimester fun. Sick in the morning, naps, sick in the evening. This pregnancy compared to my first seems to be a little harder. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I can't sleep whenever I want! I have to keep up with my spirited 1-year old. I'm about 12 weeks along and starting to feel better so hopefully the energy will get boosted soon!

My next excuse for not blogging until now is that we just got over the entire family having the stomach flu. Oh my. Not fun. At all. Thank you mom and dad for cleaning up my throw-up and other bodily fluid messes growing up. Seriously, Michael and I kind of feel like super-parents after going through that experience. I don't know what we would do without the help of our family! THANK YOU!!!

So cheers to new beginnings, new mercies every morning and new babies!